An immersive, projection mapping experience for Philips at the IFA consumer electronics show, Berlin.
As the audience entered the Philips stand, they were surrounded by a multi-sensory, 270˚ wraparound film, projection mapped onto the 1:1 scale build of a house and garden. Through a series of surprising set pieces it told the story of a seemingly ordinary suburban home that unfolds, revealing the family life within.
Text messaging and emoji involved the audience in the family conversation. Visuals were augmented with sound design, practical effects and actors synced to the action. At the close of the story the front doors opened, inviting the audience to enter and meet the family in person.
Drag the video to view the 270˚ projection, or use a VR headset/Cardboard viewer for an immersive view.
My role: Creative director, art director, script, storyboard, edit, illustration, additional animation
Agency: Pete Starkey Ltd
Client: Philips

Music (making of film): Alan Dobson

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