For six decades Dove has been one of the world's best-loved beauty brands. For three of those years I was the Creative Director at Havas helia on over 20 integrated global campaigns for masterbrand, skincare and Baby Dove. Dove changed the rules for what a beauty brand could be, with a mission to show that beauty is for everyone, not an airbrushed ideal. I strived to uphold their message, remaining sensitive to the diverse cultural context of 'beauty' around the world in campaigns including:

Break The Rules Of Beauty (India)
India has a population of 631 million women, but the media has only one ideal of beauty: fair skinned, young and slim. Dove wanted to represent a truer and more diverse picture. We invited twenty Indian women from all walks of life to a shoot in one of Bollywood’s largest studios, and created a digital platform so they could be heard. And heard they were — in a campaign with 679 million media impressions in the first five days.
5 Star Beauty Bar (North America)
How do you tell a new story of an iconic 60 year-old product? We used specially-shot interactive video to take viewers behind the scenes of Dove Beauty Bar's latest TV ad; to explain the science of its gentleness, and prove no CGI was used in a realtime comparison against a rival product.
Baby Dove launch (South America)
We helped Baby Dove successfully launch in a market dominated by Johnson & Johnson and 'perfect' mothers. We did this by answering the needs of a new audience of millennial mums who were as likely to look for advice online as they were to ask their own mothers.
My role: Creative director, concepts
Agency: Havas helia
Client: Unilever

Creatives (Havas helia): Anna Jobbins, Kate Lloyd, Thomas Craig, Alex Hess, Steve Bartlett, Libby Clay, Rachel Heathfield, David Wellington, Adrian Peters
Copywriter: Leanne Kelsall
Designers: Darren Custance, Debora Montesoro

Film directors: Andy Pearson ("Baby Dove"), Ante Kovak ("5 Star Beauty Bar"), Pan Nalin ("Break The Rules Of Beauty")

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