Peugeot asked us to create a digital experience that pushed their brand out of its comfort zone. Inspired by their 120-year history as innovators we created the world's first film shot entirely using a car's reverse parking camera — in one, unedited take.

The camera was the New Peugeot 208 and the cameraman was 21 year old European Rally Championship driver Chris Ingram. Driving backwards through a precisely timed course, each turn revealed an audacious stunt from a professional crew of skaters, a freerunner, a freestyle BMX rider and an extreme mountain biker. We didn't allow ourselves to cheat with cutaways so the stakes were high, and on our third run captured a near-perfect take.
"This is a fantastic articulation of the Peugeot brand and the experience we deliver for our consumers."
Nicola Dobson – Head of Platform Marketing, Peugeot
108 Interactive experience
To showcase Peugeot's new fashion-forward 108 Special Edition, we created an interactive, motion-controlled video experience.
Kinect cameras analysed the movements of people standing in front of large video walls. This motion data was used to warp and manipulate abstract patterns inspired by the 108's limited edition bodykit designs – Tattoo, Dressy, Kilt, Sport, Diamond and Barcode. A pressure sensitive floor allowed viewers to cycle through the different patterns.

The interactive experiences were installed in eight major malls around the UK, and we made the following short video to show it in action.
My role: Creative director

Art director: Michael Tran
Writer: Marcio Leite

For Found Studio
Director: Mike Sharpe
Producer: Joe Binks
DOP: Greg Taylor
Editor: Tom Starr 
Post-production: Fifty Fifty Post
Post-producer: Chris Johnson
Colourist: Kenny Gibb
Music: Laurie Shenoda
Sound design: Altitude Music 
Stills photographer: Willie Robb

Stunt performers
Rally driver: Chris Ingram
Freestyle BMX: Keelan Phillips
Mountain biker: Danny Butler
Free-runner: Paul 'Blue' Joseph
Skaters: Tony Gale and Nathan Morris


108 Interactive
Creative concept: Mark Griffiths
Designer: Darren Custance
Technical development: Koffeecup Interactive

Demonstration film
Director: Lee Bamsey @ Locomotion

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