Tradewind – an independent digital consultancy — commissioned us with an open brief to create a piece of digital art to launch their new site. It could take any form and the only requirement was that it must feature a dandelion. 

I wrote and created “The Great Dandelion Hunt”, an animated quest that shows that for any problem, there's someone out there with the right talents to solve it. In our story, a dandelion clock has been scattered to every corner of the world. Luckily we meet some very strange characters, each with a unique talent that helps them to find and put the scattered dandelion back together.
In homage to classic animation of the 60s, I created a cast of simple line-drawn characters as a counterpoint to the richly textured analogue backgrounds. These were created from collage, paper cut, pencil and gouache which were digitally composited in Photoshop.

There was no budget left for a voiceover, luckily we were able to persuade our founding partner’s seven year old daughter to do it, and paid her in Haribo Tangfastics.
My role: Creative director, concept, writer, art director, illustrator
Agency: Soup
Client: Tradewinds

Animator: Chris Holt
Sound designer: Al Dobson
Narrator: Libby Coupe

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