Ethical footwear brand Vivobarefoot commissioned me to create a sustainability campaign to promote their Primus Lite and Primus SwimRun shoes in social and PR. They are made from up to 17 recycled PET bottles, ensuring that this valuable material ends up on your feet, not in landfill.
Unlike ordinary shoes with rigid soles, Vivobarefoot soles are incredibly flexible, so I created the visual concept of a PET bottle folding up into a ball, which unfurls into the final shoe like a magic trick. I wrote and art directed the campaign, and shot and animated the stop motion assets.
The campaign was well-received and I was asked to create a sustainability platform idea that could encompass their whole range. The resulting idea was "This Shoe Is A Story" and the first execution of this was an Instagram animation to promote the Ultra III Bloom – an amphibious, non-synthetic shoe made from algae.
My role: Concept, art director, writer, photographer, animator
Client: Vivobarefoot

Designer: Si Coupe

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